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Who We Serve

Building Networks on Reliability and Trust

Tatum Asphalt proudly caters to a broad spectrum of clients, each with their unique requirements and expectations. From the private homeowner looking to enhance their property’s curb appeal to city planners aiming to improve public infrastructure, our comprehensive service offerings cover all bases.


Transform your residential spaces with our custom driveway solutions, marrying aesthetics with durability.

Property Managers

Tailored parking lot and sidewalk services designed to cater to both safety and presentation.

Private Businesses

From pavements to access roads, ensure your business premises are accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

General Contractors

Collaborate closely on projects that require steadfast paving expertise, a firm commitment to meeting deadlines, and consistently unmatched quality.

Cities, Towns & Municipalities

Partner with us for public roadways, walk-bike paths, and more, enhancing community infrastructure with professionalism and care.

Transform Your Vision into Reality with Tatum Asphalt.

Discover How Our Expertise Can Elevate Your Next Project.

how we work

Our Process: 3 Simple Steps

At Tatum Asphalt, we streamline exemplary paving into three clear steps: understanding your needs through detailed consultations, designing tailor-made solutions that blend aesthetics with functionality, and executing with precision while strictly adhering to quality and timelines. Our process, from initial consultation to steadfast post-completion support, ensures your vision is realized with professional dedication, resulting in durable and visually appealing pavements. Trust us to guide your project from concept to reality, ensuring every detail reflects our unmatched expertise and your unique requirements.


Initiating every project with a comprehensive consultation, our experts dive deep to understand your unique needs and site specifics. This initial step ensures that our proposal aligns perfectly with your vision, budget, and deadlines, setting a solid foundation for success.


Following a detailed assessment, we craft a customized paving solution that caters precisely to your requirements. Our planning phase involves meticulous coordination, ensuring that every aspect of the project, from materials to manpower, is optimized for excellence and efficiency.


Our skilled team takes to the field to bring your paving project to life, maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. Post-completion, we conduct thorough follow-ups, guaranteeing your satisfaction and standing by our work with reliable support and maintenance advice.
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